Saturday, May 26, 2012

Boo's Big Weekend Part 3

I'm back with the final details of the weekend (Part 1 and Part 2)! Sorry it took me so long for those of you on the edges of your seat, but this girl got crazy caught up in life.

Following graduation we headed back to Winston for supper with my grandma, uncle, and two sweet cousins. Well, I should probably say my grandma and aunt. My cousins were lost in Lego-land as soon as Daddy brought out the buckets. We got together to eat more delicious food and recap the weekend's activities!

Sunday morning I headed to church with The Momma for a special Mother's Day service. We got to see five sweet baby girls be dedicated to the Lord by their families. Her church seems to have the exact opposite problem we do. Where they seem to have an influx of girls, we seem to have an influx of boys! Following the church service we returned home for a Mother's Day/Graduation/Commissioning Ceremony Brunch with the Winston-Salem fam. It was here that Daddy presented TJ with his "big" gift-a 1944 M1 rifle! The gun saw time overseas during WWII and is in excellent condition. I was so enthralled with it I teased TJ about taking it on Pawn Stars to see what he could get for it;-)

Showing off his goodies

Daddy explaining the significance of the gun.

 Examining his new treasure.

After that we headed home to recoup before the big week at work-testing for me, project for Davido!

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  1. My hubby would be the exact same way...soooo excited about a new gun! Haha!