Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wedding Season

Happy Tuesday, folks! I apologize for my absence. This is a cuh-ray-zeeeee time at school. To be honest my postings will likely be very sporadic until the end of the school year. Before I disappear into total end-of-year oblivion I did want to recap my sweet friend Kelsey's wedding!

Kelsey and I met before school even started our freshman year of college and we became very fast friends. Three years of living together, many frogs, and a few major changes (by both of us!) she finally found her prince charming. David and I couldn't be happier for Kels after seeing her hurt by so many jerks. It's like Kelsey and Casey were meant to find each other, they just had to find each other on God's timing and not their own.

We swung by my brother's apartment and picked him and his precious girlfriend, Megan, up when we reached Raleigh. We headed to an older chapel downtown for the sweet ceremony. Casey's dad officiating the ceremony made it even better with his stories and jokes about the both of them. We then headed to a hotel (also downtown) for the reception. It was here that we got to see some of our old friends from college and make a few new ones!

It may have only been two years since we graduated (is that real life?!) but when you go from spending a ridiculously awesome amount of time with people to almost nothing, two years can seem like a lifetime! A glimpse at our evening:

Mr. and Mrs. Mallett's first dance!

Yes, the groom's cake is representing both NC State and Tennessee

My husband, the dance machine.

What a neat way to ride off into the sunset!

With my husband of nearly two years (eek!)

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  1. So cute! =) Looks like y'all had a gorgeous wedding!