Thursday, May 31, 2012


We've all seen the hash tag on Twitter before. Or, if you're not on Twitter I'm sure you've heard someone, somewhere quote it in regards to a puzzling problem. It's typically used in some sort of humorous way. For instance, a few "first world problems" puzzling the Mobleys these days:

We can never agree on how long our plethora of meat should be cooked at supper time

 Walmart doesn't sell blonde bobby pins

 There are SIX grocery stores between church and home and I can never decide which one to go to

We complain about having to watch commercials on Hulu+

The treadmill wasn't working properly, which means it jostled the iPad while I watched Mad Men
(Yea, I know that one is pretty bad) 

The shower head in the master bathroom isn't detachable which makes cleaning it difficult

I'm sure there are others that I just can't think of right now, but the point is we're being ridiculous. Simply put, we are spoiled. All of the problems I just listed above are problems that people halfway across the world would kill to have, yet we complain about them. I understand it is all about perspective, but why shouldn't all our perspectives be the same? Why is it that we live here with almost anything we want at our fingertips, while others live with next to nothing? At the risk of sounding childish I'm going to say it-It's just not fair!

Before I go all whiny on y'all I'm going to stop. You get it. What happens next is what defines us as people. What do we do about all that we that others don't? Do we continue to whine and fuss or do we do something about it? That is not a choice I can make for you, but it is my hope that David and I can stop this selfishness in its path before we start a family and let it continue.

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  1. This is good! I love reading your posts. Today the auto flush sensor on the toilets at work wasn't working properly... and I had to actually flush it myself. Then thought Jeez that is a 1stworldproblem!