Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things I Just Don't Get. . .

There are always going to be things I don't understand, but in recent weeks it seems that the list has grown. If you can enlighten me on any of the following, please do so! Without further adieu, the things I just don't get. . .

Why despite learning the hard way more than one time, I still go to Walmart on a Sunday afternoon. Really, you'd think I would have gotten the point by now!

Why the princess refuses to go on a walk. Seriously, have you ever met a dog that refuses to go on a walk?! 

Why the weeds in our backyard just keep.growing.back. I have pulled and fought and battled time and time again to no avail. Any gardening secrets I'm missing here?

Why the princess carries her food into the den before she eats it. It's one of the funniest things I have ever seen, but it puts my sweet husband over the edge! After we pour the food into her bowl, she picks up a piece or few and carries them in her mouth into the den. It's like she's trying to figure out if we're poisoning her or not. Only then will she eat her bowl of food. The best part is that she won't eat those few pieces she carried into the den! 

Why people turn their sprinklers on in the rain. I totally get timers. What I do not get is the people who purposely turn their sprinklers on in the rain.

Why students lose their minds a bit when it's a full moon. Has any proven the correlation here because I bet any teacher can offer substantial support to this theory!

Why after months of being on a low-sodium diet my doctor has now told me my sodium levels are too low and I need to eat more salt. What? Huh? I thought the salt ticked off my kidneys and I was supposed to avoid it. . . good grief, I just can't keep up!


  1. My dog carries his food or treats in to our guest room. It's like he's afraid we'll steal it from him.

  2. I just was reading your blog and HAD to comment because my dog does that same exact thing on a walk. It's like she gets terrified and puts on the breaks.