Thursday, February 7, 2013

Deroutinizing Date Night

Date night has always been important to us, but like lots of other couples we fall into the trap of routine. Instead of seeking to try new things we go to our usual restaurants for supper and our usual grocery store to pick up dessert and a Redbox. Sound familiar? This weekend we got out of our bubble and tried some new things!

We began with supper at the local TacoMac restaurant. We'd heard great things about it from friends, but had never given it a go. We will definitely be heading back come March Madness time and football season. I lost count of the number of TV's surrounding us, not to mention the 100 beers on tap pleased my beer snob hubby.

Then we skedaddled over to the local used bookstore. They were running a promotion on Groupon, but we wanted to check it out before we took the plunge. At The Last Word we sipped on a hot s'mores mocha (they have an in-house coffee shop!) while we wandered around. I ended up finding three copies of The Outsiders for $1.80 each! When we went to check out we found out they offer teachers a 10% discount-score! AND, Fridays are "Magic" nights; great for people-watching;-)

We wrapped up the night catching up on The Office. I totally realize that's not out of the norm, but it was a cold night and snuggling on the couch was just what we needed after a long week!

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  1. I get totally caught in routine date nights. Actually, we usually get caught in the routine of daily life though. I'm glad you guys had fun :) I love used bookstores!