Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Some of you may have seen my tweet from early Saturday morning:

My sweet husband was over the moon when we awoke to a few flurries Saturday morning. Me? Not so much. I was very pleased when it stopped and the day's temps grew. 
Later that afternoon I decided to brave the cold and take the dog on a walk. Poor life choice. This is what happened about halfway through:

The snow just started pouring down. I'm not talking about pretty, fluffy flakes either. I'm talking about the painful stuff mixed with ice. I attempted to run home, but the pelts against my face were so painful I had to stop every so often to walk backwards. I was miserable, to say the least. Daisy? Loving every minute of it. Within 10 minutes arriving home we had this:

Did I mention it wasn't even snowing when we started walking?!? David and Daisy were in hog heaven and rushed outside to play with all the neighborhood kids to play. I joined them for a bit, but this snow-hating grinch decided the warm fire was much more appealing. Here are a few photos from the afternoon:

David pelting snow balls at the neighbor kids
She was born to be a Yankee dog-she LOVES the snow!

 Shaking off the snow after David hit her with a snowball.
Did you get any snow??


  1. We live in Upstate SC...GO CLEMSON TIGERS!...and we didn't see even a flake. Everywhere else in the area got a couple of inches, but not at our house. I'm with you though, I Hate the snow. I like southern snow, when its here overnight and gone in the morning!

  2. The flakes we had here were HUGE! It was crazy how fast it was coming down!

  3. We got about an inch or so, but it was gone by about 5 and the sun came out. It was cool to watch it come down all afternoon, but now I'm ready for Spring!