Thursday, February 21, 2013

Inaugural Trip to NoDa

A few (okay, more than a few) Saturdays ago. The weather had been absolutely despicable for the past few days and I was itching to try something new. I'd heard a lot about an area in Charlotte called NoDa and proposed the idea of heading there to David. He was willing to do anything he thought would make me happy, so we began to put the plan into motion. A few phone calls later and we had a few close friends joining us.

We decided on supper at Cabo Fish Taco. Kelley and Kellie had been there multiple times and said it was good choice. We attempted reservations, but were told they didn't take them. Due to our large party (8 people total), we ended up with a wait. Not a big deal. We figured it would happen and made the most of it by visiting and catching up. 

As our 30-minute wait quickly approached an hour our patience was no longer present. Apparently the only table that could accommodate us had a group who just wanted to chat. Wouldn't have been a huge issue if we weren't waiting in the freezing cold! Anywho, we were finally seated and were not disappointed.Supper was fantastic. There are no words to describe the stellarness of the tacos, burritos, salsa, etc. Even my carnivore-prone brother was pleased with his steak tacos. It was all gone too quickly for any pictures (remember that hour-long wait?).

We then headed over to Solstice Tavern to visit some more (no holding a table for us!). We caught the end of the Bobcats game before this Cinderella started turning into a pumpkin. Before we headed back to suburbia we decided to stop by Amelie's Bakery for a treat. When I asked for NoDa suggestions from the Twitter world Amelie's came up multiple times, so I knew we had to make a pit stop. The cool thing? They are open 24/7! Despite knowing this I was still surprised at the long line and 20 minute way that greeted us. Once again, the wait was well worth it. We ended up with an eclair, a Neapolitan, and a salted caramel brownie that were all devoured on the car ride home. Too fast for pictures again.

It was so nice to casually enjoy the evening without rushing around. To enjoy the company of those around us without worrying about the time and the responsibilities of the world. We were able to rejuvenate and relax with some of the people we love most in this world. God has created a wonderful community for us to enjoy and for that I am grateful.

A few pictures from the evening. . .

Me and my love

Kellie, Lauren, Kelley

A nifty picture Kelley took with the panoramic option on Kellie's phone

Kellie and Kelley

Ashley, Bird, and the ghost of Brian

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  1. I love cabo! I haven't heard of that bakery so I will have to try it next time I am in charlotte