Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Launching Out

Our pastor is really knocking it out of the park with his sermons these days. Not that they haven't always been awesome, but I feel like God is really speaking to me through the sermons these days. A few Sundays ago was about launching out of your comfort zone. Our pastor spoke to us out of Luke 5 when Jesus calls Simon to leave what he knows and become a "fisher of men". Like most of us would do, Simon denies his capability, but Jesus quickly silences him and tells him not to be afraid.

Let's be honest here, how many of us don't do things out of fear? Both hands are raised right now. I'm not much of a risk-taker. It's just not my thing. I do better with my own bubble of comfort. For example, I didn't register for my first 5K until I knew I could run a 10K. Why? Because I didn't want to fail. It's only been in recent years that I can actually admit I need help and ask for it from others. So, to hear that I need to stop staying with what I know and launch out scared the mess out of me.

It also got me thinking. How many people have I passed by and not stopped to talk to them? Or, how many people have I had a conversation with, and knowing they are struggling, didn't offer to pray for them? How many times have I not stepped in to help because it would be beyond my realm of comfort? Too many is the answer.

I'm nowhere close to where I need to be, but I can fully admit that the Lord spoke to me that Sunday and told me to launch out. To stop hanging out in my bubble and to seek ways to aid/comfort others. Simon left everything; the least I can do is search for ways to help those around me with what God has already blessed us with.

Are you launching out?

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