Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters [02.08]

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Dear Davido, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so excited to celebrate your birthday even though you would prefer it pass without even a whisper. You're a quarter of a century old now, old man, we better do all the celebrating we can:-)

Dear long week, You have thoroughly kicked my booty. I cannot wait to relax this weekend with the hubby and leave you in the dust.

Dear OB appointment, You make me nervous. You probably will for many visits to come. Please provide us with results of some sort. We'd appreciate it if you could toss some good news in there too. It's very draining to continue to visit doctors and continue to be disappointed. . . thanks.

Dear freshly painted house, You look amazing! Grassland was the perfect shade to complement the furniture and woods throughout the house. You make it seem so much more homey and we are very pleased with it!

 This picture doesn't do it justice!

Dear Spring Break, What to do? What to do? What to do? Where would you like us to go to celebrate your gloriousness? Preferably somewhere warm and sunny so we can kiss this gloomy winter goodbye!


  1. Happy Birthday, David! And your paint looks wonderful! Keeping you in my thoughts and hope you find some comfort in some answers soon!

  2. Happy birthday, David! The paint looks great!!

  3. Happy birthday david! I love the color. Im a new follower via the link up!