Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hallmark Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
  Or as a fellow teacher said today, Happy Hallmark Day. Te he he

Valentine’s Day is not a monumental day in the Mobley house. Not because we don’t love each other.
Definitely not because we don’t love each other. 
There are a few reasons we don’t go all out. . .

David’s Birthday
His birthday is on the 10th. I absolutely adore birthdays and always try to celebrate big despite David’s wishes that I keep it low-key. Instead of spending money unnecessarily, we tend to celebrate the two events in one big swoop.

Yes, love is one of the reasons we don’t celebrate the day of love. I feel so blessed by our marriage and time together that we don’t see the need to celebrate our love on one day because we celebrate it every day. Every afternoon walk, every evening of relaxing, every trip to Target, etc is a time we get to celebrate our love. Cheesy? You betcha.

Neither of us sees the reason to celebrate the day just because you’re supposed to celebrate a day. If I really wanted a box of chocolates I could march my fanny over to the Teeter and pick some up. Neither of us needs a calendar to tell us we have to buy a card and some candy.

I hope I don’t sound like the Grinch of Valentine’s Day and I hope that all your days can become like Valentine's Day!


  1. "march my fanny..." haha you're too cute!

  2. Thats how we are. I usually make a something with the valentine candy. I made blondies today with valentines m&M's and bought peter pan for us to watch and some popcorn. Lowkey!

  3. We don't go all out for Valentine's Day either. We'll do a nice dinner or something and maybe a card, but really I think this day is a little too commercial and materialistic, which isn't what love is about.

    I hope you two have a fun day, though :)

  4. Valentine's day is the worst day on the school calendar. I dread it every year.