Sunday, March 11, 2012

Animal House

It seems that today has been full of animal encounters for the merry mrs. mobley. On the way to church this morning I was just tootling down the road when all of the sudden I noticed a flock (?) of geese crossing the road. Very random considering I was in the middle of Charlotte and there was no water to be found. It wasn't until I looked on the other side of the road and I saw lots of devastation. Where there used to be a pond was a muddy hole. In order to made way for the last branch of I-485 they have completely destroyed an area of land. The geese, and I'm sure many others, have been displaced because of it.

Just chillin' in the middle of the road

The muddy hole that used to be their home:-(

Some of the destruction

 More destruction
I promise I was stopped when I took these pictures!

Then, after an uneventful trip I arrived home from church. The princess started doing her whine and dance at the door (I really need to record this one day-it's quite humorous!) so I quickly let her out. She did her business then noticed her friend, Mr. Bill, across the street. Mr. Bill is one of the nicest old men I have ever met, and Daisy is pretty much obsessed with him. It may be the fact that every time she sees him he gives her a good 4 or 5 "cookies". Let's just say the princess have put on a few pounds since making Mr. Bill's acquaintance.

Anywho, she's gotten in this horrible habit of just darting across the street whenever she sees him outside, which is fairly often. Today was no different. What made today blog-worthy was how she did it. Normally I can let her out back while I work on school at the kitchen table. Well, I saw her creeping over to the side so I went out to fuss at her. She laid down in the grass, but continued to watch from afar. A few minutes pass and she crosses in front of the window and goes to her stick pile to collect a stick to chew on. Or so I thought. After she didn't appear about 5 seconds later I go outside and can't find her. That little brat had gone around the other side of the house so I couldn't see her sneak off to see Mr. Bill! Needless to say, a fence is in our very near future.

About 30 minutes later I was back to work and she was doing her dance at the door again. I look up to shush her when I see the cows! Y'all have seen plenty of pictures of these cows before. And I apologize, but I've got more. These things just tickle me to death! Well, today I have great news. . . we have a baby! Well, the cows do at least. One of the "Sammies" (a gender-neutral name we've decided on for the brown cows. We can' always tell which is which!) had a little baby calf tootlin' along behind her this afternoon. It even stumbled at one point. So precious! I should probably warn David that I've officially added a baby calf to my Christmas list along with one of the mini-horses. . .

Watching her friends

If you look really closely you can see the Momma and the baby!

Getting some lunch

 The cows wandering off for greener grass-literally. 

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Awwww, the baby is so little! Precious! How funny that she tricked you and went around the other side. Oh, dogs. They are little children!!