Monday, March 12, 2012

Bits of Splendor Link-Up!

I'm linking up with Laura over at Bits of Splendor for this Monday's Bits of Splendor Monday! 

I read her fabulous blog on a regular basis and felt compelled to link-up today thanks to the fabulous day that was had yesterday. Laura blogs about the its of wonderful, or splendor, that she finds in her day to day. I fully believe that it is the little moments in life that make life the incredible thing that it is. If we are too busy racing around only focusing on the big details, we miss all the little ones!

Yesterday I posted about the precious baby cow one of the "Sammies" has blessed the farm with. It was so exciting for this city girl to see the calf stumbling around after its momma. It was so cute with its adorable face. Too bad Momma Sammie was not interested in letting it come near the fence. I'll be back out there this afternoon with carrots and apples to see if I can lure it over for a better picture! David and I are also taking name suggestions. We have the Chick-fil-A cow (I'll give you one guess what it looks like), the Sammies (two brown cows that we can't really tell apart), Big Ben (a BIG mean-looking black cow), and Bambi (this was the littlest one last August when we moved in and he reminded us of Bambi).

Look closely and you can see the baby getting some lunch!

The day got even better as it warmed up. I had quite a lot of school to do (the work of a teacher never ends!) but I was able to move to our front porch by the afternoon. I plunked myself down in one of the fabulous rocking chairs my husband made. I sat there for hours catching up on school work and soaking in the Vitamin D. The only thing missing was a glass of wine but I figured that wouldn't be a good idea considering I was working on some grading!

The day of wonderful continued with a delicious supper of grilled pork chops, baked sweet potatoes, and roasted asparagus. Mm mm mm! It was the perfect meal to finish off the weekend. David and I then snuggled up on the couch to catch up on our new favorite show-Kitchen Nightmares. Never seen it? Get on hulu now! Gordan Ramsay is so lovingly harsh you can't help but love him for what he's doing. We discovered this weekend that hulu has THREE seasons of it! If we don't answer our phones in the evenings for the next few weeks, you know why. . .

How do you find bits of splendor in your day?


  1. That does sound like a wonderful day!

    I could never do the work of a teacher. I totally admire you..

    Brandy Jane Mabel

  2. Sounds fantastic!! Loving your blog!

  3. That really does sound like an amazing day!! that baby cow is precious!!