Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday-Time Is Love

Time is love, gotta run,
Love to hang longer,
But I got someone who waits,
Waits for me and right now
She's where I need to be,
Time is love, gotta run.
-Josh Turner

Spring Break
After MUCH waiting and anticipation, it has finally arrived!

my husband
I am continually in awe of how hard he works for our little family. Not to mention all the sacrifices he makes for us!

the kitchen
I am very thankful for the opportunity to cook and bake whatever my heart desires. It is such a calming experience for me and I love trying out new recipes! If you have any good ones, send 'em my way:-)

For anyone who has ever worked with a challenging co-worker, you know how wonderful it is to have -good ones. I am very thankful for my work family who continues to support me and help me in any way that they can.

our pup
She is such a sweet companion to have! For those of you without a dog to welcome you home with dances and love, I'm sorry. Make this a part of your life.

I am SUPER excited about having some time to relax over the next week. Time to read, time to sleep, time to run, time to tan, time to blog, time to pray, time to visit, just time to be!

crop share
We just turned in our money for the next season of our half share and I am stoked! Yay for fresh fruits and veggies again!

What are you thankful for today??


  1. I am thankful for my baby, dog, and my house!

  2. what is this crop share??? sounds awesome!