Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Warriors

Happy Monday one and all! I've been a bit MIA this past weekend. My sincerest apologies. I know y'all are on the edge of your seats waiting for the latest updates on the exciting events in the Mobleys lives. Without further adieu, a recap of a ridiculously busy yet ridiculously wonderful weekend. . .

For those of you living in caves you may have missed the excitement surrounding the Hunger Games movie. For everyone else, what did you think?!? I dragged my poor husband to see it on Friday afternoon after fighting the temptation to see the midnight showing. It was well worth the wait! I'm always a book before movie kind of gal so I knew what to expect. David is more of the "why read the book if I can watch the movie" crowd. The good news is both of us liked it, so that tells you it was a pretty good movie. Seeing it made me want to re-read all the books over Spring Break!

Maple Sugar Coffee. . . nom nom nom

"Too many choices! What would Gordon say??"

Friday continued with a super exciting trip to Lowes in search of a few things for the house. I remember doing yard work with my parents growing up, but I do not remember doing this much! It felt like all we did this weekend was work on house stuff on and off. It was super rewarding, but super time consuming! We left Lowes with a trimmer/edger, some smaller garden tools, and a new ceiling fan!

So many choices!

That evening we headed to our friend Scott's house to watch the Wolfpack take on Kansas. It was a mish mash of food and fun while we waited. Some of the best times are had just hanging around a set of cornhole boards. When the game finally started (believe it or not, I actually stayed up for part of it) we were all pumped to see the Wolfpack pull off another win. I wore my lucky dress and everything! I suppose it just wasn't in the cards. I am excited they made it as far as they did! My husband claims it's the non-competitor in me that is OK with losing, but I'm proud that grew as much as they did from last year. GO PACK!

Corn hole!

My "lucky" dress

Those pups wanted a bite of steak if it killed them. . .

More weekend details to come tomorrow!

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  1. I saw Hunger Games over the weekend too! I'm a failure and haven't read the books yet-- and normally I will NOT see a movie before reading lol. But everyone else had, so I tagged along and I'm glad I did. I really did LOVE the movie, and now I'm even more excited to go back and read the books :)

    Glad you had a good weekend- sorry your team lost, but you're right! They made it really far and Kansas is a good team! :)