Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Letters [03.23]

It's another Friday with Adventures of Newlyweds!

Dear Peeps, I cannot express how excited I was to see you in stores again! You are your friends, the Cadbury Eggs, make me a very happy girl. I know I can find other colors and shapes year around, but it's just not the same as the pastel chicks at Easter. I have limited myself to only 5 delicious little chickies a day to get you to last longer. I'm already looking forward to scouting the stores the day after Easter to find you all on clearance!

Dear Spring Break, So close, yet so far. The students and I are anxiously awaiting your arrival and counting down the days until we have a break from each other. The fact that David and I have a brief trip to Charleston planned for the tail end of it makes your impending arrival even harder to wait for. Let's see what you can do about arriving a smidgen bit earlier. K, thanks.

Dear pollen, You have officially overstayed your welcome. You are not welcome here. Your attack of the Dr. Seuss tree is unacceptable and you are ruining our evening suppers outside. Not to mention your presence on my green car makes for a rainbow of yuck. Please go away.

Dear NC State, What is up with this winning? Don't get me wrong, I am completely stoked about it, just a bit surprised. Never fear though, fellas, I will be wearing the dress again today. It brought us luck last Friday and then again this past Sunday. Let's cross our fingers it works its magic again!

Dear mosquitoes, Why in heaven's name am I already killing many of your compadres? It is March!! You are making it very difficult for me to sit outside and enjoy the beautimus Spring weather that Mother Nature has graced us with. How about y'all just vamoosh for a few more months and come back in the summer? Or, or, an even better idea-don't come back at all!

Dear Hunger Games movie, Oh how I cannot wait to see you! I have high hopes for you and your fellow films, please do not disappoint! May the odds be ever in your favor. . .

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  1. The pollen is horrible!! I haven't even bothered washing my car this past week because it just gets covered again in a matter of hours. I was wearing NC State red last night, I wish it had brought more luck): It was a great game though!