Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Letters [03.02]

Happy Friday y'all! I am linking up with Adventures of Newlyweds for another edition of Friday's Letters.

Dear Kellie, Happy Birthday beautiful girl! When did we get to be so old?? Can't wait to celebrate our platinum anniversary soon:-)

Dear Weekend, Thank you for arriving. I am positively stoked to rest and relax this weekend, though we all know Davido and I will get too antsy from laying around and will find a project to work on.

Dear Wardlets, Y'all are too wonderful and I miss you terribly. Come visit soon!

Dear old lady body, Please stop aching. I'd really like to make it through a run without having to stop halfway through and walk.

Dear IKEA, Thank you for the ridiculous amount of inspiration your mock rooms provide, but please stop tempting us with your "easy" projects. We all know those wooden rods do not fit as easily as they should. You're not fooling anyone, you brilliant Swedes.

Dear Co-workers, Thank y'all for the many awesome ways you remind me not to take life too seriously. Without your reality checks I might go a little crazy at times. Then again, crazy seems to be our norm :-)


  1. Cute! Have a great weekend

  2. Teehee I have to laugh at the Ikea hubby and I were JUST talking about how "easy" they make it seem with their perfectly set up rooms...and when you get home to put it wanna just die! :)