Monday, March 19, 2012

Bits of Splendor Monday [03.19]

Happy Monday one and all! I am linking up with wonderful Laura for another Bits of Splendor Monday.

Today's link-up coincides perfectly with this past weekend's St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Don't you just love how that works out:-) I've always loved any holidays, no matter how big or small, but St. Patrick's Day remains one of my favorites. I'm not particularly sure why. Perhaps it's my Irish heritage (I do have blonde and practically see-thru pale skin) or it's the fact that everyone wears green to celebrate (my favorite color!). Who knows the real reason, the fact of the matter is I love it!

We celebrated by heading to our new local favorite, Afton Tavern, with a few friends. This was one of those stellar times when new friends meet old friends and everyone gets along famously. Hooray! We all settled in for mugs of green beer, deliciously greasy food (I did run that morning. . .), and a few good basketball games. A few pictures from the night:

Festive brews!

Our only picture from the evening.

The pretty flowers behind me

Brian listening intently to Scott

Scott returning the favor and listening intently to Brian

The stellar set-up!

David decided to be anti-social that evening

It was a marvelous time of relaxing and enjoying the many blessings God have bestowed upon us! Where are you finding bits of splendor in your life?

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