Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Warriors Part 2

The weekend was so jam packed, I had to split the posts! We kicked Saturday morning off with a city-wide volunteer event called "What If Everyone". The concept is, what if everyone served their community in some way? How neat is that?! David and our friends, Brian and Ginny, decided to help clean up some at North Mecklenburg HS. The theater teacher needed help painting her so we all pitched in and painted. I wouldn't exactly say that I agree with her paint color of choice, but to each his own!

The lovely Easter egg pink/purple

Ginny Q getting her paint on

Brian attacking the walls with some pink

The most intense part was the tearing down of the sectional wall. It was one of those acordian-like doors. What made this one unique was the fact that it had been there since the school was built, in the 1970's! After much sawing and cutting the men finally got it down. Then came the fun part of putting it in the truck. This thing weighed close to 500 lbs, but after much heaving and hoeing they finally got it outside and into the truck. Many props to them!

The vicious wall on the ground

Looking at their handy work. Good job, fellas!

That afternoon David and our wonderful neighbor, Jeff, took on the ceiling fan. I am so grateful for Jeff coming over to help David get this honker hung up! Cool air will be in our house tonight:-) Then we met my fabulous in-laws to watch Florida take on Louisville. While the game didn't have the outcome we were hoping for, it was still fun to watch them play and to visit.

The mess. . .

It works!

Sunday began with another awesome morning at church. While I wasn't able to go into service, I was able to love on some of the sweetest babies in the Nursery. I just love having the opportunity to play with these kids! That afternoon we were back at it in the yard. Four hours of pulling weeds and forty-seven bags of mulch later our yard is on the fast-track to looking good! David has done a stellar job of rehabbing our pitiful yard. When we moved in our grass was dead. Not such a great way to start. After much time and TLC, it is much greener and there are significant less weeds than before. The flowers did not have a very pleasant "re-homing" experience, though. Turns out I don't have quite the green thumb I was hoping for. . . I'll be ecstatic if they last!

It's a work in progress, but we're getting there!

My little flowers

That evening I got to meet our sweet friends' adorable new baby boy. Have you ever held a one-week old. If not, make it a part of your life. What a sweet reminder of the preciousness of life! Momma joined us for later supper and the Kansas/Carolina game. It was an exhausting weekend, but it was wonderful. I loved the opportunity to see family and friends, and soak in this great season of life.

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