Sunday, April 1, 2012

Adventures as Adults

Happy Sunday, y'all! I hope wherever you are reading this, you are enjoying as beautiful weather as we are here in North Carolina. All the windows are open and I am currently writing this from our back patio. Bliss. This weekend was a wonderful way to kick off my Spring Break. We began by heading into the city to see David's brother, John, beat up on some boys during a game of rugby! I knew nothing about this sport before John started playing. Heck, who am I kidding? I still know nothing, but it sure is fun to watch!

If you look REALLY closely you can see John!

We ended the evening running some errands and hitting up Sweet Frog for some delicious froyo.
Thin mint with hot fudge and whip cream anyone?

We both crashed pretty early thanks to the long days we had had. The next morning we were up bright and early ready for the day. After a delectable breakfast and some time with our boy, Gordon Ramsey, on Kitchen Nightmares we headed to the local farmer's market. It was a little late in the day, so everything was pretty picked over at that point. What we did find was some tomato plants! We had talked about growing our own tomatoes for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. If only we knew what we were getting ourselves into. . .

After purchasing our three little plants we headed to Lowes to pick up the appropriate supplies. After much deliberation and discussion in the Garden section we determined we had not earthly idea what we were doing. Who knew there were so many options of soil, pots, stakes, etc when it came to growing a few tomatoes! We ended up with one of those upside down tomato kits, but since we already had the plants we just tossed the seeds. Clearly we were not meant to be farmers.

Prepping the pot

The plants getting cozy in their new home

Proud of his work

Come on little tomatoes, grow!

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  1. You'll have to keep us posted on the progress of the tomatoes. I've been wanting to start growing some too, but I don't want to fail ;) I hope yours turn out well!!