Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guest Post-Ms. Mia Maree!

While my hubby and I are taking a few days to get some MUCH needed R&R Ms. Mia Maree has offered to fill in for me. Be sure to stop by her adorable blog and say hello:-)

Hi Everyone!
My name is Mia and I blog over at MsMiaMaree! That is where I like to say stilettos meet football. Being the girly girl that I am I went and married a football coach. Boy do we have stories. He doesn’t get me sometimes and I don’t get him, but we make one heck of a team! I blog about everything. Fashion, Beauty, Life, Books, etc.

I am one of Mrs. Lauren Mobley’s newest followers and I am so drawn to her blog because of the goals she set for herself. I love her 30 before 30 list! This has made me start crafting one of my own.

I’m 25, so my before 30 list can span the next 5 years! This has made me start thinking about shorter goals for myself specifically this Spring.

Musts for this Spring:
  1. Take Full Advantage of all the gorgeous bright colors this season has brought to the Fashion World. Tangerine = my favorite!
2. Are you tired of being so pale? I’m very much looking forward to days out in the sun! Wear Sunscreen!!
3. Buy a colorful pot and plant an even more colorful flower!

4. Looking for some great beach reads? Join and explore the entire book world and connect with friends! You can find me on there: msmiamaree

5. Get some fresh air! Go on a walk, browse local flower gardens, get a bit of exercise!
6. Plan a Summer Trip. I get antsy this time of year stuck inside at a desk. Give yourself a break and plan a fun summer vacation. On a budget? I can guarantee there is a cool place tucked somewhere close to you. Make it a day trip and explore your city! These sometimes end up being the best trips!

I hope that gave you some Spring inspiration! Hope to see you guys over at MsMiaMaree or catch up with me on Twitter! (@MsMiaMaree) Thank you Lauren for letting me hang out today! You are too sweet and I am glad I found you in this wonderful blog world!

Many thanks to the fabulous Ms. Mia Maree for stopping over here today! Be sure to send some love her way on her precious blog!

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  1. Newest follower through Mia's blog! Love meeting other teachers!