Monday, April 9, 2012

Breaking Down Spring Break

Happy Monday one and all! I hope everyone had a wonderful day back to work after their long weekend. If you have today off, I hate you. Not really, but I am tremendously jealous of the fact that you didn't have to work today. David and I returned from our glorious trip to Charleston on Saturday, and I decided to take Sunday off from blogging to celebrate the glorious day that is Easter Sunday. Lucky for y'all, I am back and at it again with a recap of our trip! Please try to contain your excitement.

We hit the road super early Thursday morning in hopes of getting there in time to hit up the city and all it had to offer. We were slightly delayed by the fact that we had to stop at Walmart to procure hydrogen peroxide for hubby's pitiful little toe (details on that adventure here) and at Panera for coffee. Homegirl needs coffee in order to be expected to fully function. After those brief detours, we hit the road!

Bound for Charleston bright and early in the morning!

We arrived at our hotel after what seemed like a 30 minute ride. Now, we have both been to Charleston more times than we count, but have yet to have found a place to stay that we absolutely love. That may have all changed! We stayed at the Holiday Inn- Riverview this time and loved it! For those of you familiar with the area, it's the big circular building overlooking the Ashley River. It is in a fabulous location and has lots of great things to offer. What made it even better was we had enough points to comp the room-score!

After briefly stopping by the hotel, we headed to Folly Beach for a few hours of sunshine. We weren't planning on staying too long mainly because I was already crispy and because of David's toe. Why was I already crispy, you may be wondering. Oh, I don't know. . . maybe it was the fact that I decided to be a redneck diva and lay out for three days straight in our backyard. Needless to say I probably won't be doing that again anytime soon! David was a bit concerned about getting sand on his toe, so we bandaged him up tight before we got there and all was fine!

The Ashley River as we drove over it

My poor little hop-along!

His toe on its royal pallet for protection

Before heading in after a few hours of baking

We then headed back to the hotel to shower up before hitting the town. Now, if you know us then you know how ridiculously indecisive we are. I don't know what our deal is, but neither of us can make a decision if our lives depended on it. Put us together and you have a recipe for total frustration. After over an hour of debate on supper, we finally headed to Pearlz Oyster Bar, and boy am I glad we did! I'm not a fan of oysters (David is), but we had a great time drinking their local brew and talking with an older couple at a community table. 

After David gorged himself on oysters, we headed to Southend Brewery for more drinks and snacks. We had pretty much decided at this point we were just going to hop around until we got bored. Southend provided us with more craft brews and nachos. Not as good as Pearlz, but not too bad either! We then headed over to A.W. Shuck's. We should have known when we sat down without a wait that something was up. It wasn't that our food was terrible, but after these other places and our self-pronounced chef skills, we were not thoroughly impressed. Gordon Ramsey has ruined us for restaurants! We ended the evening by hitting up the fantastic cupcake shop on King Street for treats.

 Hanging out at Pearlz

Pouring over the Southend menu trying to figure out what we should order

His response when I asked him to tell me what he thought of our meal at A.W. Shuck's
East Bay Street at night

More to come tomorrow!


  1. great pictures! i envy that you got to wear a swimming suit in april!! :)

  2. I propose Ammendment A:
    Southend provided us with more craft brews and nachos.

    We in fact ordered crab cakes...and they were delicious

  3. Aww bummer that your dinner wasn't good! Cupcakes hopefully eased that a lil bit! Glad you had a fun trip though, hope his toe is feeling better!! :(