Thursday, April 26, 2012


I usually devote my Thursday postings to the things in my life that I am thankful for. This Thursday I thought I would veer off that course to share something that is on my heart. I tweeted this late last night when I was in a bit of a funk:

My sister responded with:

Wow. Talk about some truth being thrown at you. It was exactly what I needed to hear, though. I have been allowing myself to wallow in self-pity the past two weeks about this pulled muscle. I have been allowing it to bring me down when instead I should be grateful that I have the potential to run again one day. Heck, like my sister said, I should be grateful I can even walk!

How often do we allow ourselves to get caught up in the things that surround us? How often do we let our emotions depend upon others? How often do we let worldly experiences replace the pursuit of eternal life with our Savior? Too often is the answer on my heart.

I am very guilty of complaining about all that I don't have instead of being grateful for the things that I do have. The fact that I have a car to drive each and every day puts me way ahead of most of the world. Yet I can't stop myself from referring to it as the "rattletrap" car and coveting the newer models I see on the road.

What about the emails that flood my inbox with new clothes, shoes, etc? Instead of thanking Him for all that I do have, I still peruse the site to see what's out there. I then pat myself on the back for not actually spending the money. I tell myself I'm a good person because I didn't actually buy that dress. But in all honesty, how am I any better than the person who does buy that dress? I'm still coveting that item.

The truth of the matter is I need to do a better job of thanking Him for all that he has given me. Not just every Thursday for y'all to see, but on a regular basis in my daily conversations with Him. I need to do a better job of praising Him for the multitude of blessings I do have instead of wishing for the things that I don't

Does anyone else struggle with this? I'd love to hear how y'all combat the temptations of this world!


  1. What a lovely and inspiring post. And don't you just sisters? They know when to pull us in :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. Love this. Sometimes we just need to have someone tell us to our face to "get over it." Sometimes its your sister, sometimes its your friend, and then sometimes you know it came straight from the Lord. Hope your pulled muscle gets better!

  3. I love this. Some times you just need a reality check. I worry about money issues all the time but when I sit down I think wow we save alot think about those people who can barely pay bills. Or when I want clothes I always pat my self saying but I didn't buy it, or I got it on sale, or I didn't buy as much as I wanted. Its hard to resist the temptation