Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Letters [04.27]

It's another fantastical Friday with Adventures of Newlyweds!

Dear Alabama, Thank you oh so very much for returning my sweet husband to me! Daisy and I have been quite lonely without him and are overjoyed at having him back. Three weeks is far too long to be apart, especially when one of us works days and the other works nights. I hope you don't want to see him again because I don't plan on returning him to you. Ever.

Dear tomato plant, My sincerest apologies for not thinking of you during that ugly little cold snap earlier this week. I totally should have brought you into the warmth of our home sooner than I did, but the fact that I remembered to do it one night counts, right? Right?!? Please don't die on me now. That would make me oh so very sad.

Dear thisiswhyimbroke.comI don't know quite what to say to you. You have truly thought of everything that I never knew I wanted. You've also thought up quite a few things I have no interest in, but certainly make me giggle. Thank you for providing me with another opportunity to waste time.

Dear Davido, I am SUPER excited to have you home again. Three weeks is far too long to be apart. The house was very lonely without you. The neighbors did a fabulous job of helping me out, but it wasn't the same as having you home. I'm going to need you to never leave again. See what you can do about that, OK?

On our wedding day. . .

Dear Mad Men, Why are you so wonderful? You really to slow down on being so fabulous because now that my sweet husband is home, I can't devote my entire evening to taking you and all your 1960's glory in.

Dear baby fever, Please vamoosh. And do so as soon as possible if you can. I have you caught a pretty bad case of you. In case you forgot I have this whole kidney issue to conquer first. So I would really appreciate it if you could disappear for a bit and come back later. Muchos gracias!


  1. Such a cute wedding pic and I'm totally in love with Mad Men as well, it's great isn't it?! Lovely letters! Good luck with the tomato plant :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. Your wedding photo is so sweet. I definitely feel your pain of being away from your husband, my boyfriend and I haven't seen eachother for two months and won't for another month. It's been pretty rough. If you want to give your tomato plant some extra loving, sprinkle some fish meal (from a nursery) on it's soil. It will provide nitrogen which the plant will love! Good Luck!

  3. Such a cute wedding pic... found your blog through the friday's letters link up.. and I agree with you on the baby fever, although mines seems like its hear to stay.. I have no idea where it came from but I wish it would've waited.

  4. love love that photo of you and your husband on your wedding day. we were going to do something like that (kissing "through" the door) but forgot! bummer! and I am with you on the baby fever. kind of-- I have lupus and we have to wait til I have the all clear to try for that and we have lost some pregnancies because of it so its a tough thing! thanks for linking up with me, cute letters!

  5. Found your blog through your Friday's letters link.

    Excited to be your newest follower and looking forward to your letters next Friday!

    And since it looks like you love Mad Men just as much as me, I know we'll get along just fine!!

    Dana @ five30three