Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Friends Forever

I get by with a little help from my friends.
-John Lennon

Has a more true phrase ever been uttered? I don't think so. I had the true pleasure of visiting two sweet friends of mine the other day. Now, these girls are not just any friends. I've known these girls for over twenty years. Wow. Still cannot believe that. We all moved into our houses about the same time and we couldn't help but become thick as thieves. Kellie Collins (KC) lived next door and Kelley Taylor (KT) lived across the street. You can only imagine the confusion that came from having two best friends named Kellie/Kelley. We even had a nickname for our little posse- KLK (Kellie Lauren Kelley). We were so cool. 

We did just about everything together when we were younger. Swim team, cheerleading, concerts, errands with our mommas, vacations-you name it we did it together. I think our parents realized early on there was no way they could keep us apart so they all just adopted us. I considered their homes my second and third homes and their parents my add-on parents. It was not unusual for us to go to each other's houses and just open up the pantry to see what someone's mom had bought that week. It was rude. It was what you did with family and that's what we were. 

We went through our teeny-bopper boy band crazy phase, though I'm pretty sure we're still going through it. If BSB ever came back to Charlotte we'd be there front row center with our bedazzled T-shirts (been there, done that). We went through break-ups and break-downs. We went through an eating disorder. We went all the way through school from kindergarten to graduation. You name it, we have conquered it together. I have been, and continue to be, immensely blessed by these women and I am extremely grateful for the support and love they continue to offer me. I hope that our future children will one day be lucky enough to know the kind of friendship that has supported me all these years. Until then a few pictures to keep you giggling. . .

A gymnastics birthday party 

Please take note of that sass on my face. I was a mess!

Our pre-teen angsty years

Vacationing in New Jersey

I always told y'all I see myself as the birthday queen. . .

Vacationing in Charlestion, SC
Does anyone see those earrings I was wearing?! Why did no one stop me??

 On my wedding day
(along with my cousin and sisters)

I apologize for the pitiful quality of these pictures. It was the best I could do without any knowledge on how to use the fancy pants printer/scanner/space ship in our office. 

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