Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Letters [04.20]

It's another FABULOUS Friday with Adventures of Newlyweds!

Dear Pulled Muscle, I am oh so very tired of your pain. You make simple tasks such as walking and rolling over in bed a chore. Can you please be done aching? I would really like to return to some normalcy in my life. Appreciate it. 

Dear Readers, Would you please be so kind as to vote for my student?? The voting ends TODAY and we would really love for her to win this nation-wide competition! Not to mention, she obviously rocked this. Please vote for "Raven as Jen Ledger".

Dear Fellow Bloggers, For some reason my button wasn't working (thanks to the fabulous Mrs. Robinson for letting me know!), but it's back in working order now. Let me know if you want to swap:-)

Dear April, Where did you go?? I'm very pleased to be over halfway through with you because that means summer and days of rest are near. That also means the monster of end-of-year tests are just around the corner. Oof. 

Dear Foodies, Any superb recipes out there for things with strawberries? I have a few that I like to make every year, but I'm on the hunt for new ones! Got any to share? :-)

Dear Husband, If you send me one more Craigslist picture of a pitiful puppy that needs a home I might just have to cry. I know it makes you happy to see all those precious pups, but it just breaks my heart! One more and I might have to contact the seller of you have sent me. Oh, you weren't interested in opening up a home for rescued pups? You pushed me to this! You know I can't even go to the pet store on "Adoption Saturdays" without leaving in tears. Why must you torture me like this?!? I bet Daisy would like another companion . . .


  1. I made a delicious strawberry shortcake in March. If you're looking for a decadent dessert:

  2. Pulled muscles are the worst!! I think the same thing about April!!! CRAZY!!! Off to vote!

    Found you thru Ashley's link up!

    Looking forward to following your adventures!

    Kristine from TheFoleyFam - Unedited

  3. hey girlie! i saw you over on Fridays Letters and wanted to say i LOVE your blog!
    and i love your letters too!

    newest stalker! errr.. i mean follower ;)!!

    say hi back sometime?

  4. Love your blog girlie!
    Found you through Friday's Letter's!

    Have a great weekend

    xxx Jessica