Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tales of Toes (Or Lack Thereof)

It's never dull in our world that's for sure. Whether it's kidneys revolting, a pup destroying our new house, or other random adventures, the Mobleys certainly don't struggle in keeping others entertained. The fun continued yesterday with my sweet husband taking an unexpected trip to Urgent Care. Let me back up. . .

Sunday evening his big toe started causing him some pain. Nothing extreme, just slight pain. He shook it off as nothing really. The next morning, as he was walking around, it began to hurt more. He talked to some work peeps about it and texted me a picture at work. FYI the rest of this post is not for the faint of heart. . .

Now, I'm no doctor but I was able to determine pretty quickly that whatever was coming off the side of his toe was just not normal. Needless to say I told him in the nicest way possible to get his booty to the doctor! For anyone who knows my husband you know that convincing him to go to the doctor is on par with convincing a cat to get into the bathtub-it just ain't happenin'. It's not that he is scared of the doctor, he is just more of the "I'm going to let nature run its course" mindset. I was raised in the "the help is there, let's go get it" mindset. You can imagine how conversations go in our house when someone has the sniffles! With some coaxing from me and his work peeps he decided to go get it looked at.

I began receiving text updates after that every few minutes. Apparently the doctor (not his usual doctor) took one look at it and decided it needed to be removed. Not just the ingrown part, but the whole flippin' toenail. I think if that's all they had told him it would have been a different story, but the fact that the nurse even mentioned the chance of his toenail not growing back about put him over the edge!

That's when the texts/phone calls starting increasing in frequency. Poor kid wasn't about to say adios to his toenail without a fight and a few extra opinions. We tried calling The Momma (also a nurse) but didn't get a response (how dare she decide to work when we needed her most!) as well as a few others who had fought the battle against ingrown toenails. In the end it was determined that the toenail had to go. Must to my hubby's displeasure they numbed it up and did their thang. This was the next image I received:

Double bleck.

The doctor prescribed a few things to help with the pain and fight off any infection and he was on his pitiful way. He proceeded to spend the rest of the evening resting on the couch and hobbling around. Like I said, we don't do dull in our house!

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