Sunday, April 29, 2012

Doesn't Get Much Better

This post is coming to you straight from our patio on this glorious Sunday afternoon. My handsome hubby is reading beside me while the princess lays in the grass next to us. Does it get much better than this? I think not. These past few days God has shown me how incredible His blessings are. I don't even know where to begin with all the wonderful, so I'll start with David's homecoming.

Thursday evening brought a very tired David home from a three-week stint in Alabama. We were both overjoyed by his arrival after so many weeks apart. He was there for an outage at the plant he worked at last Spring. We were fortunate that he didn't have to do the crazy six months like last time, but it still stunk to have him gone. Our neighbors and families did a great job helping us out and taking care of me. As you can imagine we were both pretty stoked to have him home again. The very first thing this sweet boy did after unpacking his car was put together the patio set I had purchased during his absence. He also went and picked up an elliptical he found on Craigslist for me since I haven't been able to run (dang pulled muscle). Seriously, how lucky am I?!? That evening we grilled out and visited with my sweet friend Kelley before turning in early. He hadn't slept in over twenty four hours and I'm just an old lady who goes to bed early;-)

Friday morning started with David making us a delicious breakfast (his body was used to night shift hours) before I headed off to school. It was a typical crazy Friday, but imagine my delight when I look down the hallway and here he comes with coffees for me and my teammates! And the best hubby award goes to Davido! We were talking with one of my teammates when my principal came down the hallway with some news . . . I won Beginning Teacher of the Year for our school!!! This is an incredible honor made even more special by the fact that my peers were the ones who chose me. I'm still on cloud nine from this news!! I contemplated not even posting about it because I didn't want to seem like I was bragging, but I am super excited about the honor!!

We celebrated that evening by heading to our local favorite, Afton Tavern. We enjoyed our meal on the patio and got to see some of our friends from church before we headed back. We spent the evening relaxing with our neighbors playing corn hole and enjoying the beautiful weather. Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate!

Saturday morning we ventured out to the Crack-O-Barro (Cracker Barrel for y'all above the age of 6) for a big breakfast. After we gorged ourselves on deliciousness we hit the mall for a few random items before heading home. We had grand plans of doing things around the house. That was interrupted by the dreary weather and the laziness it brought with it. We ended up pulling out the sofa bed and catching up on our shows all afternoon. Be jealous. We tied the evening up with steaks and vegetables on the grill-mm mm mm!

This morning we celebrated with our Hope Church family and were able to witness three wonderful people give their lives to Jesus through baptisms-praise God! Once again our great plans of productivity were thrown out the window thanks to the weather. Instead of the dreariness making us lazy, it is sunshine making us want to loll about reading all day. I don't hate it.

All in all it has been a glorious weekend with me living on cloud nine. I hope everyone has had as wonderful of a weekend as we have!

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  1. =) It sounds like y'all had a VERY similar weekend to us! Mr. R came home from 3 DAYS away (not quite the same as three weeks,..) on Friday. He was exhausted & I was bouncing off the walls! Sunday we had a baptism service for THREE new Christians! =)

    God's moving...I pray He will heal our land..