Monday, February 13, 2012

The Attack of Benjamin Button

I'm sure you're highly intrigued about what I have to share based on the title. At least pretend like you are. For those of you that are not familiar with the story of Benjamin Button, it was a film with Brad Pitt (swoon) and Cate Blanchett in which a baby is born as an old man and instead of growing up and aging, he instead goes backwards and gets younger. If you haven't seen the movie, put it on your to-do list.

Anywho, it all started last Saturday when I saw Daisy, aka the princess, coming out of one of the back bedrooms. This bedroom is currently empty, so I was immediately curious as to why she was in there. I walked back and as soon as I entered the room I found the reason-two dried yellow spots. Yep, our almost two-year-old dog had peed on the floor. Heavens only knows when she did it too because they were already dry! So I got out my heavy duty carpet cleaner and went to work on the spots. Too bad they had soaked for a few days and were not cooperating with my chemicals. The dog was punished and we moved on with our lives.

Fast forward to this past Saturday morning. I was downstairs preparing breakfast when I hear, "hey, Lauren, come up here and see this". Those are never words you want to hear on a Saturday morning, or at any time really. So I trot upstairs to find three spots in the bonus room. This time they were not urine, but dried dog barf. Awesome. I immediately go down the hallway to check out the bedroom and the smell hit me before I walked in. You guessed it, more pee! FIVE more spots to be exact. I happened looked across the hallway into the other empty bedroom/craft room and saw a pile of poop. I about lost it. I couldn't understand, and still can't, why in heaven's name our fully house-trained dog is destroying our semi-brand-new house!! I got to work cleaning the spots, but yet again they had already dried and were not easily removed.

We're not exactly sure when she's having these out of body experiences when she thinks it's OK to urinate every where, because she spends the day in her crate. Our only thought is that she's doing it at night. Which doesn't make sense because there is really only a six hour time period between when David lets her out for the last time and I let her out in the morning. We've thought about closing the doors, but since no one goes in those rooms we're afraid they'll warp and we won't be able to get them open again.

As you can see, she's reverting to her child-like behaviors just like dear Benjamin Button. Except she can't smile like Brad Pitt so my patience is running low. We're currently taking puppy training and spot removing suggestions from any one who has them!

 She looks so innocent. . .

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