Sunday, February 26, 2012

On Target Weekend

This weekend we were fortunate enough to be visited by my sweet sister and her awesome boyfriend. David and I remember being in college and just needing a "home" weekend; a weekend full of home-cooked food, comfy beds, and spoiling. So, we opened the doors and they came to visit us for a weekend away from Boonetown.

Friday evening we headed to a local sport's bar for some yummy grub before we wandered around the local Target. You may be wondering why anyone would spend part of their Friday evening wandering around a store, but they don't have a Target in Boone and poor Mandy was going through withdrawals. Plus, Tyler had only ever been to Target one other time and it wasn't a very good experience (if that's even possible at Target!), so we needed to remedy that!


Saturday we all slept in before partaking in a delicious breakfast. The casa de Mobley is a good place to be on Saturday mornings, if I do say so myself. It is a rare Saturday that we don't have bacon, eggs, and copious amounts of coffee before lounging around. Yesterday was no different. After we filled up we headed to IKEA to wander around. Yea, we do that a lot. That's OK with this girl, though! We got some project ideas, but decided the 30 minute wait in line wasn't worth it. Note to self, don't ever go to IKEA on Saturday afternoon again. No unless you want to trip over 51, 345, 573 people and their carts.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Bad Dog American Pub for some grub. We had a certificate from and wanted to show Mandy and Tyler a local favorite. We then headed back home for a relaxing night in catching up on our weekly shows.


A bit of a glare

Awesome picture on the wall!

This morning began with another great Sunday at Hope Church. What made today a little different was that my amazing husband was preaching! This was his third time speaking at Hope, and he really knocked it out of the park! Find the sermon here. All in all it was a superb weekend and it's not quite over yet. I'm off to frost 125 cupcakes for my students (yay for reaching their assessment goals!) and slip into a sugar coma. Enjoy the rest of your weekend:-)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend :) I love having family visits and enjoying just lounging around and doing what we please the whole time!! Hope you're enjoying those cupcakes!!!

  2. I wish I had a sister I could visit to get away from college! I do a lot of wandering around as well. so much fun to design my dream home :)

  3. I went to Target on Friday night too!! My sister is ten years younger than me, and I hope that in a few years, we can do the same sort of things!

    I tried to reply to your comment on my blog but it wouldn't let me. What I was gonna say is,

    "THE OUTSIDERS?!?! That's one of my very favorite books! I'm guessing you teach English too? Haha YAY for Monday movie days!"

    Happy Monday!