Sunday, February 12, 2012

Symphony Spectacular

Before I begin this post I should probably give you some background information on David. Like many boys, he grew up watching action adventures and running around the house making pretend fighting noises. One of my favorite David stories is that he used to wear a cape around his neck whenever he was home, and when it was time for school he would dutifully tie it to the banister where it would wait for him until he got home, which is when he would put it right back on. His Christmas gift from his brother, John, was the first two seasons of Darkwing Duck on DVD. I had no clue what this was until he made me sit down and watch it, but apparently I was watching his childhood adventures unfold.

His love of adventures didn't stop at Darkwing Duck. He also spent hours watching the Indian Jones series as well as the classic Star Wars films. So you can only imagine his excitement when his wonderful parents got tickets for all of us to go see the John Williams Spectacular at the Charlotte Symphony. Did I mention he was also in band? It was like a culmination of all his favorite childhood things tucked into one night!

We got all gussied up and headed downtown for supper. Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture, but take my word for it-the five of us looked good! We ate supper at aria, a fantastic restaurant in Founders Hall. This was actually the location of our rehearsal dinner so it was really neat to go back almost two years later and remember the event. What makes it even better is that John grew up with the owner's son, so when he heard we were there he sent out a delicious dessert sampling for all of us! If you're looking for a delectable, upscale restaurant downtown I highly suggest you try out aria!

We then trotted just upstairs to get settled before the show. It had been years since I was at the Belk Theater for any reason, but it was neat to remember coming for different things as a kid. We were blown away from the minute the show began. I'll be the first one to admit I don't know much about music, but even I can tell you these people knew what they were doing. The conductor had us in fits with his playful sense of humor and the musicians were absolutely fantastic. This was one show we didn't want to see end!

We even received a little surprise when we learned that world famous violinist, Caroline Campbell, was performing with the Symphony. She has been a part of many films and tours with famous artists on a regular basis. She was even asked to perform with Paul McCartney at the Grammy's this evening, but turned them down since she was playing with the Symphony!

All in all it was a fabulous night and a wonderful way to celebrate David's birthday:-)

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