Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Saturdays

I think it's safe to say that we all look forward to relaxing on the weekends. Most of us wake up on Monday morning and the count down to Saturday begins all over again. Week after week this is the routine we repeat. If you're anything like David and I you look forward to those lazy weekends more than anything, but then they fill up pretty quickly with the requirements of life. Well, we seem to have beat the trend this weekend-we have no plans on this glorious Saturday!

We both woke up this morning with no serious plans and the yucky weather here in North Cackalacki is only adding to our laziness. Are we still in our pajamas? You better believe it. Did we eat a massive breakfast after sleeping in? Heck yea we did! Do we plan on doing much else with out day? Not a chance.

I have gotten some school work done and David did get a handle on our taxes, but there was no pressure to get it all done. I may venture into the kitchen to bake a sweet treat for us to nosh on, I may not. He may play a few games of Monopoly on the iPad (his addiction!) he may not. The beauty of these lazy days is that there are no plans set in stone. Right now our only task is to root the Wolfpack onto a win against Wake Forest. I sure hope that doesn't wear us out too much;-)

 My sweet husband and his latest addiction. . .

I wish y'all a super Saturday as well!

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  1. We are also still in pjs & ate a HUGE breakfast & lunch. I'm going to blame it on the weather too :)