Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday-Pump Up Music!

Today I am linking up with just peachy on my favorite songs that pump me up for a good workout! I posted a while back on how I was a "wannabe runner". What does that mean? I'd love to be someone who runs daily to stay in shape and even complete a 5K or two, but unfortunately something always happens before I can accomplish that. Right now I'm trying to conquer stress fractures thanks to the steroids from my minimal change disease thinning my bones. The fun never ends around here:-) When I can run, here are a few songs that get me pumped up:

Ready To Run
Dixie Chicks

Not your traditional running song, but it gets me started!

It Will Rain
Bruno Mars

Another unusual one, but I get into a rhythm with this one.

Usher (featuring will.i.am)
This was also the song stuck in my head on my wedding day. Odd? Perhaps, but it got me pumped up!

Don't Stop Believing 
Glee version

If you don't understand how this one made the list, I'm not sure we can be friends!

Katy Perry

Another good one to pick up my pace.

I also found this stellar website that helps you find play lists to match your pace and speed. Awesome! What gets you pumped during a workout??

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  1. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show yous some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)def some of my fav songs