Monday, February 20, 2012

The Snow Day That Wasn't

Yesterday was a beautifully yucky day. Huh? It was miserably gross outside in our neck of the woods. This gave David and I the perfect excuse to loll about on the couch for a few hours. This doesn't happen often. Most days that I have a few hours to spare, he's swamped with stuff to do, and vise versa. Yesterday found us both feeling lazy with short to-do lists so we did what any couple would do, put on our jim jams and vegged. We popped in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (I've had a hankering to see it since I mentioned it last week), turned on the fire, and snuggled up.

As the movie was finishing, Daisy went over to the door to go out. Nothing unusual with that. The unusual part comes about two minutes later when it started sleeting. It's as if she knew it was about to start coming down and she needed to go out before it got too yucky! Or I'm giving her too much credit and should just come to terms with the fact that my dog is not a genius. Yea right.

It started coming down pretty hard for about 20 minutes. As David and Daisy started the snow dance I started getting grumpy-I did not want a snow day! Today was already a scheduled teacher workday (thank heavens!) and I wasn't really in the mood to have to make anything up. The yuck stopped falling from the sky around the time we went to bed, and I said my prayers that it stayed that way.

Around 6am the next morning I awoke to an automated phone call that we had a delay on the workday. I scurried over to the window and laughed out loud to see that not only was there no snow or ice, but the ground wasn't even wet anymore! A two-hour delay on a teacher workday? I'll take it! I ended up getting up and going anyway, but just the knowledge that I didn't have to be there as early put me in a grand mood.

I'm hoping that this was Mother Nature's way of getting the snow out of her system and that we don't see anymore this year. Snow days just aren't the same as an adult as they were when we were kids. Y'all have heard me fuss about how much I dislike winter so the sooner it's gone, the better! I'm definitely grateful for the day in with my loves, but I'm ready to be outside with them:-)

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