Monday, February 6, 2012

Drawing Lines

Yesterday our church was fortunate enough to have Dr. Paul Alexander come speak to us (sermon found here). He challenged our church to do more than just go through the motions. He asked us to look at the world around us, feel for the people we see, and then do something. God really spoke to my heart with this sermon.

It seems that I am great at going through the motions. I go to church every Sunday. I volunteer with our kids' ministry, I participate in a community group each. But after Dr. Alexander's sermon I asked myself, "am I just going through the motions?". With each story he told, I began to question how I act and respond in my every day life. I realized after more reflection that I seem to be drawing lines in my life.

What I mean by "drawing lines" is a bit complicated. It doesn't have to be, thought, I just seem to be making it complicated.  Instead of opening all aspects of my heart and life to God and His works, I am living my life like I can handle it all. Yea, I go through the motions of praying and reading daily, but I don't actually open my life to God to work in. Is this confusing? It's confusing to me too.

For example, each morning I pray for God to work in my classroom. I pray that He moves within me to reach my students and coworkers. Well then I walk into school and I don't think twice about that prayer. I don't later reflect on my day, or how I handle things. I don't revisit that prayer in the evening to thank Him for what He has done even though He is clearly working. I draw lines. I do the same thing in our marriage. I pray daily for Him to work within our marriage, yet I don't actually search for ways to invite Him in. Instead, I draw lines.

Now that I have realized this I am going to open my heart and mind to Him. Instead of just saying a prayer and then living life as if I am in control, I'm going to work to put Him in total control. I'm going to start looking for Him in my life, feeling for the people around me, and doing something about it!

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