Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

Last night as I was preparing chicken parmesean for supper I snuck a few bites of spaghetti sauce with mozzarella cheese. Mm mm mm! All I was eating was plain sauce and mozzarella cheese. Nothing fancy, but man it was yummy. I then stopped, and started to laugh at myself. What was I doing? Why, I reverting back to a littler version of myself there for a second.

I don't even know if my own mother knows this, but this little treat was one of my favorite snacks growing up. In fact, I would have no problem opening up a jar of spaghetti sauce and eating it plain if my husband didn't give me the strangest looks in the world. I absolutely love the tomatey taste with the cheese for some odd reason. I didn't even think it was weird until I got married and David about fell out of his seat when he saw me sneaking a few bites.

This got me thinking; how many of us have those weird snacks from our childhood? How many of us have strange habits that you didn't know were strange until you grew up and moved out? Or my personal favorite, how many of us call things bizarre names that seemed totally normal growing up? For example, growing up we referred to ketchup as "kebbits". No clue where this started, but that's what we've always called it. Imagine the strange looks we got at restaurants when we asked for a bottle of "kebbits".

I'd love to hear how your childhood habits are still a part of you today! Until then I have some leftover pasta sauce and mozzarella calling my name. . .


  1. HAHA- This made me crack up. I do love the taste of spaghetti sauce too, but not sure I'd ever just sneak spoonfuls of it. Maybe a small taste while cooking ;) On that topic though, I used to eat plain, hard spaghetti noodles. Uncooked. The first time my husband saw me do it he def thought I was crazy! :)

  2. There are too many things I said when I was young to count. I have 3 sisters and we made up the funniest things. New follower to your blog :)