Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters [06.08]

It is a FANTASTIC Friday with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds!

Dear John, We are so excited to celebrate your graduation and many accomplishments this weekend! I remember when I first met you you were a wee little 8th grader and now you're all grown up! We know you are going to succeed in all avenues of your life. NC State better watch out for the next Mobley!

Dear students, So long, farewell, you know the rest. It's certainly been a year of ups and downs, but we made it! I wish you the best of luck in high school and beyond. Don't ever forget to "stay gold".

Dear body, You're killing me here. Between the pulled muscle that I thought I had finally overcome to the pure exhaustion this past month, I'm a little disappointed. What can I do to get you to rally a bit more?? I'm tried of feeling like ick!

Dear readers, Can I ask you a favor? Would you be a dear and vote for my plate?? The always sweet Amanda at Sweet Tea Paperie is hosting a contest for the best plate designs. The winning three will have their plates made! Pretty, pretty please vote for "Lauren M". It's the precious pink and green one. Is anyone surprised by that??
plate design button

Dear David, Thank you. Thank you for your patience with my crazy these past few weeks. Thank you for reminding me to laugh and not stress so much. Thank you for making sure I realize that our time here on this earth is precious and we should make the most of it. Thank you for being you.


  1. Voted :) Fab Friday letters! xo

    1. Voted!! :)

      Love the letters miss!
      have a happy weekend!



  2. Headed over to vote right after this, ma'am! ;) Hope you win!

    Enjoy your weekend of celebrating!!

  3. You are super patient to be a middle school teacher...the end =) Can't wait for more! Check out mine when you get a chance @