Monday, June 25, 2012

While I've Been Away. . .

I'm back!! At least for a few weeks before we're headed back to the beach with the hubby's extended family. I live such a rough life, don't I? Speaking of which, any of you fabulous ladies interested in guest posting for me while I'm away?? No worries if you've guest posted here before, we'd love to have you back:-) Just shoot me an email/comment below and I'll connect with ya! Anywho, here are a few thing that happened in my absence:

The super sweet Melody stopped on by to share her favorites about the beach!

I also won a fabulous bag from Dalayna
Modeling my new bag!
Please excuse the jim-jams, it was a long drive home. . .

  Up close!

The hubby and I spent quite a few hours soaking in the sun and making new friends with random NCSU peeps! The Wolfpack nation spreads far and wide:-)
These up-close-and-personal shots never turn out like you hope!

My view for the past few days

In other news, y'all have helped me reach 95 followers-wahoo! A giveaway is coming at 100! Get excited:-)

And I got a new blog button, so if you feel so inclined I'd love for you to switch them out. Let me know, though, so I can add yours!


Happy Monday, y'all!

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  1. oh man, can I join twice? I love a good giveaway! and also that bag. hey, maybe you'll give away your bag? ;)