Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters [06.22]

Happy Friday y'all! It's time to link up with Adventures of Newlyweds for a FAB edition of Friday's Letters:-)


Dear beach, Oh, how I adore you! You have been a wonderful friend to me this week and I am excited to be visiting you again this weekend. Thank you for being so kind and aiding in my relaxation in such a fabulous way. You rock.

Dear almond coconut milk, Wowzers, you sure are yummy. You extreme cheapness at the Teeter last week was a total fluke, but has created an addiction. You are the perfect addition to my coffee or oatmeal, and I have no doubt you would be delish in a milkshake! Rest assured, you are a new regular on my grocery list.

Dear Scott & Tiffany, We are so lucky we were able to witness your joining as man and wife last weekend. You make a beautiful couple and we wish you the best of luck as you embark on your new life!

Dear Davido, Speaking of weddings, can you believe it will be two years on Tuesday that we have been married?? Time sure does fly when you're having fun;-) I am so excited to celebrate this milestone this weekend at the beach!

Dear "Sweetie Tea" ice cream, You were better than I expected! Your flavor was not over powering at all and the crumbled up tea cakes were the perfect touch. And the fact that I found out you were local made you a bajillion times better! Here is to many more summer nights of your deliciousness.

Dear self, You post too much about food. Maybe you should have a talk with yourself about healthy choices. Maybe.


  1. Aww- 2 years already?! How awesome!! Congrats to you guys... enjoy your weekend celebrating at the beach :)

  2. love this list girl :) happy friday and adorable blog by the way! xo

  3. think i need to make a move to almond milk or soya...

  4. I am interested to try that ice cream, I have seen a few people mention it! Glad to hear you thought it was good! Loved your letters, thanks for linking up with me!